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Plastics News - October 9, 2015Mold makers reach out, build support.

Plastics News - March 26, 2015: Support Plastics USA members gather at NPE.

Olathe Northwest High School Aerospace and Engineering Program TourOn Tuesday, December 02, 2014, R&D/Leverage was host to Olathe Northwest High School Aerospace and Engineering Program. Over 80 students, teachers, and sponsors toured the R&D/Leverage campus. They toured our manufacturing building viewing CNC and EDM machines at work producing various mold components. They saw how we use CAD software and visited the QC labs. In the molding areas they saw machines producing various sizes of bottles. This tour will be beneficial to them as they take a class on Polymers. R&D/Leverage recognizes this as a great opportunity to support education and manufacturing in America. We hope that this experience triggers an interest in plastics as a career choice.

Plastics News - March 11, 2014Support Plastics USA has 60 members working to promote industry.

Tech Molded PlasticsTech Molded Plastics: 40 Years of Inspiring the Competitive Spirit.

Business Magazine - October 10, 2013: Tech Molded PlasticsTech Molded Plastics Gives MBA Students Exposure to Precision Manufacturing Industry.

Century Die CompanyCentury Die Company: A video inside look at one of Ohio’s most successful and innovative small manufacturing operations that serve the blow mold plastics industry.

Huffington Post - September 2, 2013: Let's Reevaluate Hard Work This Labor Day.For more than a generation, we have encouraged our children to aspire to careers that would enable them to work with their minds and not their hands. So, it should come as no surprise that we have an estimated three million job vacancies in the skilled labor force today that are going unfilled because many people erroneously consider these positions to be beneath their potential or otherwise undesirable. Let’s Reevaluate Hard Work This Labor Day.

ABC News - December 5, 2012: Made in America: TervisA year has made quite the difference for the Tervis Co., the North Venice, Fla., maker of beverage tumblers mentioned on “World News.” After the broadcast in 2011, the company behind Tervis tumblers said it sold $10,000-worth of goods via the ABC News link alone. Tervis received so many orders that the company was able to build several new stores. Made in America: Tervis Takes Off With 9 New Stores in One Year.

The Telegraph - January 26, 2013: America gives hope as it brings manufacturing homeIt’s nearly 30 years since Ronald Reagan launched his re-election campaign by declaring: “It’s morning again in America”. America gives hope as it brings manufacturing home.

When We Make It In America, America’s Families Will Make It TooDemocrats’ Make It In America plan is based on the belief that when more products are made in America, more families will be able to Make It In America. The plans is intended to create the conditions to help American businesses produce goods here, innovate here, and create jobs here; it includes many of the investments necessary for America to out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build its international competitors. When We Make It In America, America’s Families Will Make It Too.

Trib Live | Business - March 24, 2013: 'Reshoring' trend growsIan Sadler’s company makes steel rolls that keep jobs in United States, he says. His company, MCC International Inc. in Cecil, is one of a growing group of companies that are moving production and jobs back to the United States or keeping jobs here instead of sending them overseas. ‘Reshoring’ trend grows, moving manufacturing jobs back home.

Plastics Technology Magazine - August 2013: Join New Effort to ‘Support Plastics’“We are here for moldmakers, processors, and designers. Our goal is to build a coalition that is specific to our industry and create one voice. We want to create business partnerships and work together. We want to highlight manufacturing facilities as well as show our young adults that a career in manufacturing and plastics is alive and well.” Plastics Technology Editorial: Join New Effort To ‘Support Plastics’.

Plastics News - July 2, 2013: Firms sign on to effort to support US manufacturingA Missouri design and mold making company has launched a new on-line effort to promote the American plastics industry. Firms sign on to effort to support US manufacturing.


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